Reject Complexity.
Embrace Simplicity.

A single solution to simplify endpoint protection.


  • One Product. One Agent. One License.

    A single, purpose-built product that joins advanced attack protection, endpoint detection and response, and on-going security posture analysis.

  • Best-in-Class Attack Protection

    Leading zero-day attack protection that’s better than all the legacy and next-generation endpoint protection solutions on the market.

  • Award Winning Protection

    For more than 8 years,Netlux Systems have been tried and ensured by the main test labs, and routinely wins grants for item magnificence. These affirmations and grants are accomplished through constant and persistent enhancement of malware recognition rates, asset productivity, and item ease of use and similarity.

  • Built from Artificial Intelligence

    Endpoint protection built from the ground up with innovative artificial intelligence algorithms preventing file-based, fileless, and in-memory attacks.

  • Lower Total Cost

    One product with one license fee covers deployment, maintenance, cloud backend and storage, software updates and support.

  • Over 2 Million Users

    Netlux Systems is a computer security software provider that helps everyone to be secure in this ever-changing digital life. In a world where sensitiveness of data has become of primary importance,Netlux empowers people to share data more securely and work together keeping their digital assets safe and secure.