Netlux Antivirus
Total Security

A single product that simplifies
the security of endpoints.


Attackers Know Your Endpoints Are Not Strong Enough

Despite years of endpoint investments, organizations feel no better protected. Simplify your endpoint protection with Total Security — a single, purpose-built product with one agent that joins advanced attack protection, endpoint detection and recovery, and on-going security posture analysis. ELIMINATE the complexity, poor protection, and lack of visibility.

  • Too Much Complexity

    With so many endpoint protection tools, security can quickly become too complicated. For better security, you need a simpler solution.

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  • Poor Protection

    What kept you safe in the past may not today. Threats change and become more sophisticated every day, requiring the latest robust security solutions.

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  • Lack of Visibility

    If you can’t see it, it isn’t secure. You need full visibility across apps, operating systems, and cloud environments to avoid breaches.

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THE SOLUTION: Total Security

AI-Backed Security for Real-World Cyber-Attacks

Block more threats with the power of AI and the cloud, including leading zero-day attack protection that surpasses all first-generation and next-generation endpoint protection solutions on the market.

  • netlux Agent

    Netlux Total Security

  • Servers

    Laptops, Desktops

  • Laptops, Desktops


  • Clouds


Stop zero-day malware attacks, phishing and spear-phishing attacks with Office documents, weaponized PDF attacks, and direct to memory script attacks.
Total Security

& Benefits

  • Internet Security

    • Total protection, made easy. Loaded with safety features and just as easy to use, our best-in-class protection is designed with simplicity in mind, without compromising on security.
    • Protect endpoints anywhere - protect all endpoints, whether on-network, off-network, or offline.
    • Reduce endpoint load - Lightweight product which installs in minutes, with no reboot requirement and no impact to user activity.
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  • World-Class Protection.

    • 99.6% effective on zero-day threats - best-in-class protection against zero-day malware attacks.
    • Built on an AI and Cloud foundation - prevents file-based, fileless, and in-memory attacks before damage occurs.
    • Malware sandboxing - deep dynamic file analysis with full reporting in minutes.
  • Unparalleled Detection and Recovery

    • Endpoint visibility - continuous data collection from every endpoint provides depth and context.
    • Suspicious activity detection - ongoing suspicious activity detections and incident data searches across all endpoints.
    • Root investigations - identifies the root cause of issues to stop recurrence.
  • Lighweight and Effective Software

    • Requires Minimum Resorces - It's all-new and unique protection technology uses very low resources of the computer.
    • External Devices Monitoring - The inbuilt features like USB immunizer, Netlux™ utilities help your pendrives, mobile storages safe and keeps computer running as fast as it was
    • Regular Updates – It gets regularly updated which increases your chances of withstanding any cyber attack.
  • 24/7 Support

    • Complete Technical Support - We’ve got your back no matter where or when you bought our product.
    • 365 days Support Any device. Any issue. Any time. Any answer you want. All in one place.