Endpoint Detection & Recovery

Nothing is impermeable. When an attack occurs, the game
becomes fast detection, analysis, and recovery.

Netlux Systems

Simplifying Effective Detection and Recovery

Continuous Endpoint Visibility

Real-time and 6 months of historical oversight of endpoints including system, user behavior, network connectivity, application, binary, process data and more.

Threat Scanning and Hunting

Continuous malware and indicator of attack (IOA) detections through folders, drives and devices such as USBs whether on or off network.


Conduct deep dynamic file analysis for suspicious files with full reporting within minutes using out of the box malware analysis / sandboxing integrations.

Behavioral Threat Monitoring

Continuous monitoring using advanced AI and detection analytics for suspicious behaviors like insider threat anomalies, privilege escalation, network connectivity, and suspicious process activity.

Incident Response and Containment

Quickly quarantine systems remotely, contain confirmed threats, and remediate systems to reduce time consuming unnecessary IT reimaging.

Simple Breach Investigations

Simplify forensic investigations with visibility and context - track attacker’s lateral movements, retroactively find systems exhibiting similar behaviors, and identify issue root cause to stop reoccurrence.

Managed Detection and Response

Expand your security team with Netlux. Assess, Hunt, and Respond services augment your teams by working directly with your staff of executives, and security operations personnel.

The Netlux Difference

Netlux's detection and recovery capability empowers security teams to speed post-breach threat detection, investigation, and incident response. Netlux provides unparalleled real-time and historical visibility to speed the human element of incident response. Compare Netlux:

Netlux Antivirus
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Any Asset – Laptops, Desktops, Servers, and Cloud
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